is this video for real??


Oct 7, 2005
a newbie checking in,
so apologies if this video has been discussed in earlier threads already. i just thought the camouflage of this one was almost too good to be true, -is this for real??

btw, here's another flick from the same site that should at least be of interest to the other scuba diving members of this forum (again, sorry if it's been posted before)
Let me first say :welcome: , and yes, those videos are as real as it gets. Although the second one might be a little over dramatized :hmm: . How did you come across TONMO? Have a look at the pictures section, there is a lot of intersting stuf there, the links provide a wealth of resources that can scarcely be contained. Well, to prevent a giant reply start from right to left and prepare yourself to be amazed, and the people here are knowledgeable as anyone you'll find in the world:notworth: . Happy surfing!

Castor said:
those videos are as real as it gets.

nice.. thanks!

Castor said:
How did you come across TONMO?

last week i stumbled across this web meeting (hosted by a norwegian online news site) with peter boyle and another norwegian marine biologist called odd aksel bergstad.. of course, this was all in the wake of the recent giant squid findings.. anyway, it sparked my cephalopod curiosity, and when googling for more info i came across tonmo.. :biggrin2:
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