Is this octopus video real?

Yes, it is. Stunning, ain't it? I think the video's originally from Roger Hanlon, and is (or was) available at CephBase in a higher resolution...
That was one of the reasons many people thought it was fake. :biggrin2:

Apparantly he had been following it, and watched it stop before he started the video. He then scared it on purpose. I love that video haha so cool.
This video was in a old thread and the number of so called experts (on the original site) who claimed to see the photoshop artifacts was amazing. The color change ability of cephs is so startling and so outside our land lubber experience that it seems fake.

I got into a heated debate the other day with my drummer who claimed the rippling effects on a group of humbolts was due to sunlight through water instead of the squid changing color.

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