This is an animation, and a damn good one.


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Dec 20, 2002
West Palm Beach, Florida
This video has gone viral on Facebook:
I've posted the original by Thomas Marqué and not the uncredited FB version. The video looks real, very real, like a stressed out octopus someone threw on a beach. It looks so real that it initially fooled me and a number of other octopus experts. My (limited) understanding is that this CGI tool was used to create this very realistic animation (How to render using Mantra). Houdini is a great name for a program to render lifelike octopus animations! And is also the name of my first octopus!
A bit more work on the beginning and I am not sure I would have spotted it as CG quickly. The whole action with the ball, however, is so unlikely, I would have still been suspicious.
Thanks Ceph ... ...i'm the one responsible for this animation , very surprised by the comments on the net and all this "viral" enthusiasm , but it's cool in fact . This video is "just" a technical test i share with the FX workmates on vimeo ...I'm still on it to improve the behaviour of this little guy and your site will help me a lot , a mine of informations ....and now i 'm a member .Nice! .
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