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Is This Correct....

Jan 6, 2003
lol, Im so sorry if im being annoying by posting all these tank setup thingy's but I wanna be VERY careful and neat when I get my first octopus from www.fishsupply.com

I have a list of the things you need to keep an Octopus and I wanna know if the list is good enough and is correct.....

1. 35 Gal. Aquarium Tank
2. Aquarium Hood
3. R/O Water
4. Aquarium Salt
5. Aquarium Filter
6. Live Rock
7. Live Sand
8. Protien Skimmer
9. Heaters (Winter)
10. Chillers (Summer)
11. Air Pump
12. Lighting

If there is ANY IMPORTANT thing that I MUST have to keep an octopus and is NOT on the list please tell me.
ThanX a LOT!
hey Armstrong,

sometimes it takes people some time to answer the post so try to be patient (i know it is hard).

I am new to this hobby but i have dont a MOUNTAINLOAD of reading and research, so il answer to the best of my abbilities but hopefully someone with a little more experience can help you.

The only things that i can see missing are simply miscellaneous equipment such as:
Test Kit
Algae Scrubber
Siphon Tube

i wish i could be more helpfull but like i said i am still new to this wonderfull hobby.

p.s- it looks like u have everything on it but it might help if u take another look at colins equipment list. :smile:
good luck

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