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is there any way to Remove copper from the water?


Jul 27, 2004
is there any device or treatment i can do to my tap water to remove copper
my house is completly plumbed in copper pipes
and 90 gallons is a lot of one gallon containers
is it Neccesary to have an RO/DI filter (holy expensive)
this little item put me 200$ over budget and thats even before buying the little guy its supposed to serve.

edit for STUPID spellings
Well, you can buy RO/DI water from your LFS, and they will probably lend you 5 gallon jugs. That might be easier. They would probably give you empty 5 gallon salt buckets as well. Five gallons is a lot easier to deal with than one gallon - but heavier.

If you haven't used the RO/DI unit, you might consider this alternate route.

I don't know whether your RO/DI unit would remove all the copper in your water from the pipes - you should check into your unit, probably with the manufacturer.

Your LFS could test the water, even before you use the RO/DI unit.


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