Is Ocho the Octopus Shrinking?

Aug 10, 2006
I was looking at some earlier pics of Ocho from a few months back and noticed a difference. Is my Octopus shrinking? It's hard to say if the entire body has decreased in size because she is pretty slender with long legs anyway, but it appears as if the mantle has deflated substantionaly. Ocho was pretty much full grown when I got her 6 months ago so I know she's getting up there in age. Also with the gradual loss of pigmentation (white patches) helps to confirm that as well. I'm wondering, could this also be a sign of old age? I don't recall any of my past octopuses (mostly Bimacs) showing signs of shrinkage though. There has been no decline in appetite and no signs of behavior out of the ordinary.

Being the shape shifters that octopuses are, I've got a few pictures of the same position to get a better accurate size comparison. Ocho is chowing down on a shrimp in her eating "stance" in both pictures.

A few months back:



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she could be, loss of pigmentation and muscle wastage are not uncommon.........but they're usually a sign of senescence.......sorry :cry:
I've seen the shrinking in both O. warringa/huttoni and P. cordiformis

Jean;87629 said:
.........but they're usually a sign of senescence.......sorry :cry:


It's ok. I've been through this many times in the past. I just haven't experienced the shrinking bit and wondered if anyone else has. I usually know when it's time to start bracing for the loss. I'm giving Ocho 2 weeks tops.....but then again, I didn't expect her to live past Christmas given the size she already was when I bought her.

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