is it realy cycling

Apr 20, 2005
Today I tested my ammonia and it seems that its now some ware between .25 and 0 ??? but it sure does look like 0 Ill try to get a pic of it so you guys can help me decide I'll go check my nitrate ........................................... this is at 0 my tank doesn’t seem to be cycling. it has been a month since the live rock was put in and its been 2or3 months since my last fish. there is now sine of cycling.
needing some more info here...

How much live rock do you have in the tank, and is it still healthy? (lots of stuff growing on it, moving about, etc)
"since your last fish", there are no fish in there now?

Did you have an ammonia spike, and the resulting fallout?

check all of your water parameters...even silica.

I keep a basic test kit ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, and alk. I'll get a better test kit. actualy there is alot of pritty micro algea and I think I've found a worm or something on my live rock. The ammonia spiked a little. I have nothing in the tank exept sand, 20 lbs. of live rock, and a few decorations.
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