Introducing- Dr. Pus (pics)


Jul 21, 2004
Hey Everyone!

I finally got some pics of my Bimac that I recieved August 8th from Octopets after months of waiting. Had the tank set up since last November, and I only had a damsel in there for cycling until about early August when I removed him. Talk about patience! But it was definetly worth the wait! It gave me more time to spend here listening and learning about how to properly care for him. He is currently in a critter cage inside of my 50g that will eventually be his home. The 50g is plumbed through the wall into the garage with the chiller, a 29g sump, and 29g live feeder storage tank.


Mag 9.5 for the 50g
EV-180 skimmer w/ Mag 7
Arctica DBA-075 1/10hp Chiller w/ Mag7
which also flows to the 29 feeder tank.

Water Parameters:

Temp- 72.5
Salinty- 1.025
pH- 8.2
Ammonia- 0 ppm
Nitrite- 0 ppm
Nitrate- 10 ppm
Copper- 0

"Dr. Pus"



I also have a digital video camera and I have great footage of him but I am not sure how to post it here for you guys. If anyone can help me it it would be benificial to the Octo community, since there seems to be a shortage of octo vids. We can never get enough! Thanks!
He's beautiful!!!!! Love the name!!!How big is he now? Does he eat daily? As to the video, believe you send it to Tony and he posts.

Congratulations on a wonderful tank design, and an equally wonderful octopus !!! More, more !!!

Welcome to Dr. Pus! :welcome: :octopus:

I'll add him to the List of Our Octopuses!

What a nice home you've made for him - Dr. Pus looks quite content.

Looking forward to more pics and videos!

Hi, Dr. Pus! Your blue spots are very striking! Ocho, you've got a real stunner there!


Thanks for the comments!! He was flashing colors and moving around the tank when I took the pics because he knows when I move the lights its time for food! I feed him twice a day,3 or 4 clams about 1/2" in size, with the occasional hermit crab as a treat. He is about the size of a 50 cent piece (mantle about 3/4").




(In the 2nd pic you can see him holding a baby clam)
(In the 3rd Pic the red light is the record light from my camera)
Here are some shots of his tank:

His critter cage

His tank at night with the red night observation light on

Dr. Pus again!

His name is pronounced Docta' Pus, like Dr. but ghetto style.
Dr. Pus the Octopus!
is that a red flouresent tube whered u get it?
ive just got a red colored flood light hanging from my ceiling and it sucks been looking for a red tube?

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