Dr. Pus Update!(Pics)


Jul 21, 2004
Hey everyone!

Here's an update on Dr. Pus. He has grown almost twice as big since you last saw him! I have also let him out of his critter cage and into the main tank. Everyday he would be less and less interested in hiding and more interested in trying to escape. I felt bad for the little guy, so I took the time to Octo-Proof the main tank, which I will cover in another thread in the Tank Talk section. I left the door on the critter cage unlocked and he figured out how to push it open and escape! He then started systematically searching every rock and crevice in the entire tank, chasing around and eating the pods and exploring his tank mates. He even tried to pull the chocolate chip star off of the rocks and almost succeeded! Well that was last week, and now I have noticed that he seems more intelligent, agile, and diverse when it comes to color and texture changes. What an amazing animal!

Here are some pics from right before I let him out of his critter cage:



Great looking pics! About how big and old is he? I'm looking to leave the top of my guy's kritter keeper open as well, and let him explore the tank.

What are you feeding him?
More Pics!

More Pics!:biggrin2:




I have had him for almost 2 months now. I have also had great luck feeding him the shrimp (Palaemonetes vulgaris - Common Shore Shrimp)from www.aquaculturestore.com. $20 for 50 shrimp + free shipping! There is an overnight upgrade but these guys are hardy and I haven't lost a single shrimp during shipping!
I will try to update his status once a month for you from now on.
Hope you guys enjoyed 'em!
He is usually that color, and he only shows more complex patterns when he is startled or feeding from what I have noticed. It seems to be his 'relaxed' coloration. I also think it has something to do with the color of the sand, it is a pretty close match. It just varies depending on the colors and shapes around him.

Here is a pic of him near rocks in the main tank:

A pic of him at night:

One during feeding:

And another near the sand:

Location and Situation!
cool little fella!!!

Here's a mad question...on some photo's I can see little black dots in the sand, something I think is snail poo, cause i get it.

do you syphon this out much cuse its quite heavy in comparison to the sand so more sand comes up with it?

Ever had any thoughts on it? wonder what will eat it.
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