Interesting Mated Octopus on eBay

If they are indeed bimacs and indeed are preparing to lay eggs, it would be strongly worth considering. I think that Z might be going off to college so who knows if we'll have another generation anytime soon?
They sure look like Bimacs....
Sounds like a cool endeavor....but if he's shipping them any time soon, there's no telling whether she already laid the eggs or not....IF the eggs are even fertile. Not to mention the stress on the already old octos....could be a recipe for a bad situation.
I reported him. He is not shipping overnight. He does not tell people that the mother will die soon. He has them cramed in a small tank. In his auction there are negative comments about my octopi and my auction. What a dick!! Report him!!
This is in his auction.
"I do guaranteed the female has never laid eggs after they mated. I am not sure how many batch of eggs she will lay but the new owner will definitely experience and will be taken care of her first batch of eggs and possibly 100,000 to 500,000 eggs."
Ya sureeee. I bet:lol:

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