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interest in cuttles


Apr 24, 2006
I have an octo right now in my big tank and i was thinkin about using my 30 gal tank for a cuttle..... what would be a good cuttle for this size tank and are cuttles easier to find than octos??? thanks
i read the article but i still have sum questions like how hard would it be for me to find a cuttle?? are they harder to come by the octos??
I would say about the same at octos. I would recommend S. Bandensis for your 30 gallon. I would try both the Alemeda link and Aquatropics. Both have contact information listed in the Cuttle Availability thread.
cuttle id

Hi am just new to the forum and have a question.I live in aus and am just wondering about these little guy and this looks like a great way to start.I have kept all types of fish for years including a reef tank for quite a while.I am in the process of setting up for a cuttle but i dont know what species it is.It is at my local fish shop here in Australia and is really tiny could easily fit on my thumb nail.very cute.I was told that it has come from the great barrier reef area but no other details were given.Just wondering whether you know or are there multiple species in this area.Any info will help. cheers.:smile:

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