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Interaction.. How do you play with your Octopus?


Pygmy Octopus
Jun 26, 2005
Would like to know how everyone plays with their Octos and what they are. Do they have a special "scratch" spot like behind a dog's ear or do they like playing fetch? Do you pet your octo or play board games with it?
I can give you a summary of my own and other Tonmo members' experiences.

Octopuses have different personalities, so their way of playing can vary, too. Also, they become less afriad as they get older and may interact more and let you pet them.

Personally, I think octos resemble dogs in what they like to play. Tug of war with the feeding stick is a favorite (and you don't stand a chance of winning!).

Steal and hide the cleaning magnet is another game. Then your octo may dangle it out on one arm so that when you try to get it back, your octo zaps it back into its den.

Another method of play is playing by itself with objects that you provide, like Carol's Ink with the lego block.

Also, they may chase your fingers as you move them on the outside of the glass.

Maybe our other Tonmo members can volunteer additional ways that octos play.

something just occured to me... im a bit clumbsy irl. Would the Octo take it personally if i were to take something it stole out of its den or accidentally knock over its den? also will have to find out what a cleaning magnet is lol :oops:
tug of war definitely!!! If you knock over the den it will spend HOURS redoing it!!

Scratching is a no go! They have delicate skin and can be easily damaged BUT you could (once it's used to you!) gently place your hand just under the surface of the water and let it explore you (feels weird!) just make sure you have no cosmetics, sunscreen, detergent etc on your hands as this will be bad for it's health and for the bacteria in your tank. Also any jewellery or watches that you don't want to get wet (or stolen) take off first, especially if there is any copper in them.

Have fun!!


if you go to ceph care,and read ink's story,it gives you some real neat ideas, or ways to interact,and play w/ your octo.
i liked it hope you do

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