Inky - Octopus vulgaris?


Pygmy Octopus
Aug 8, 2005
Hiya everyone,

I work in a reptile and aquatics shop here in Manchester, three weeks ago we finally ventured to buy an octopus as a display animal :biggrin2: I've been pestering for years so I'm mighty pleased about it

While doing as much research as I possibly could I found myself more often than not here at and I have to say it's a truly brilliant site for a cephalophile such as myself :razz:

Well anyway, i really just wanted to show off some of the lovely pictures and to ask if anyone was certain of it's species, not that I hold out much hope! I'm quite sure that it is most likely to be Octopus vulgaris but I need someone to tell me the finer points of what you would use to distinguish between species

Thanks for looking, Lotte*** :cool2:

Hi Lotte,

First of all, welcome to the Tonmo community!

Your little octo there is certainly not camera-shy - beautiful pics! There are a number of North American octopus-keepers who ought to be waking and logging-on any time now, and they'll be able to answer your question more knowledgeably than I can. Beautiful creature!

WOW !!
Great pics.
Sorry I don't know what octo you have but someone will chime in real soon.
I just wanted to know how long you had that octo at the shop till it was coming out like that and what camera you used to get those great pictures. I get my bimac from octopets today and I think I am going to be a snap-shot fool.
Hiya guys and thanks! :biggrin2:

Inky is about 12" from mantle to the end of his arms, I couldnt tell you how old it is, all I know is we got him from The Marine Company. We've had it for 3 weeks now and although I personally havent seen it eat I know it loves cockle, whitebait and prawns according to my colleagues :wink: He's seemingly well trained already, when a human hand approaches the tank, even just to clean up or polish the glass, out he comes for a good look around!

My camera is a Fujifinepix S7000 and I am a rather obsessive photographer :lol: I'm just glad you guys like my pictures, Inky is such a fabulous subject to photograph!!!

Manchester UK?

If so, TMC can sometime be good, or bad with their ID's.

If Colin has a look at this post he will be able to tell you the most common imports they receive.
Yep UK, I'm fairly sure that TMC does indeed stock O. vulgaris most commonly. It's just the lack of colour that is throwing me, the vast majority of pictures i've seen of the common octo show them as being able to go a reddish colour, and this one goes various shades of white, grey, browns, a smidge of yellow or black :confused: :smile:

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