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Ink's Nuts!!!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
This morning, I go to feed Ink some frozen prawn! He's up at the top with his arms flailing out of the water, grabbing every piece I offer him. I grabbed my camera and when I came back, Serpent, the serpent star is next to Ink. So I dropped some more prawn in and Ink proceeded to grab Serpent and drag him and the prawn into his cave. Funniest thing I ever saw! Serpent put up guite a fight, but Ink won! Just checked them and Serpent was making a quick getaway!!! Only I could get an octopus with an attitude!!!!!

Carol :mrgreen:
I need to figure out how to film Ink when hes'grabbing food from me. Haven't quite figured out how yet!!

He is quite strange compared to others I've had in the past!

Good idea and I forgot I have one!!

Here's one more shot of Serpent and Ink so you can see the size of the starfish! He dragged him in his cave again last night! I think Ink steals all of Serpents prawn and then lets him leave!
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