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Ink's behavior has changed.


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
This past week or two, Ink has become very skittish when I come by the tank. He is still eating about every other day, but I have noticed he has been stock piling any and all shells he can find in front of the cave he now lives in. Almost seems to me like preparing for eggs???? I hope not :frown: ...but could this be a posability? Did a water change today, and he didn't even come out to see what I was doing except when I left the room. Very un-Ink like. Now that I think about it he hasnt' been plastered to the front watching us lately. I did check my water parameters and everything seems fine. Only Nitrates up a little. Any thoughts??

Hi Carol,

I can't help you too much here, since I've never been through the egg-laying process. But Ollie has changed his behavior as he's gotten older - some days he's cheerful and interactive - other days he seems to be taking his "quiet time". I've stopped trying to read too much into this.

I've wondered whether Ink is a female and Ollie a male given Ollie's larger size (I measured him when he was in the same position as Ink in the photo with the tape measure, and Ollie was more than 2 inches wider. But Ink is a month younger, I believe.

Let's hope Ink doesn't have eggs in mind!

Hi Joel, Carol,

The bimacs that Fishsupply was selling last spring were larger than the ones they send out now - I've read that they can mate very young, so maybe it's possible.

But....even if Ink hasn't mated, (s)he can still lay eggs.

Hi Joel,
Some animals, even though they have not mated will still lay eggs, chickens do this for example and every year my female tarantula goes through the process of making a den and laying eggs that she carries about with her, also a large burmese python i once had did the same.

So it is possible that octopuses will lay eggs which are infertile and go through the 'I'm the mummy' acts.

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