Inklet bit Jess!!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Yesterday Jess had decided to get some snails from our feeder tank and feed Inklet. I figured she'd drop them in like she always does, so I started to videotape her as she approached the tank. What resulted was a very funny video!!! She dangled the first snail at the top of the tank and Inklet grabbed both her and the snail. She screamed out he's got me!!!!! He only held on to her hand long enough to taste her and then let her go. What resulted was two small lines next to each other, about 1/8 of an inch on her finger. Didn't break the skin, but she said it hurt!!! I haven't downloaded the video yet, but will try to post it later today!!! He's very aggressive when it comes to trying to catch our fingers through the glass! Especially when he's hungry!!

I don't think she will be sticking her hand in again any time soon!!!
hope jess is okay and didnt get too much of a fright!

she could get a job on wild boys tv show now :)
So, I guess you won't be buying any mimic or blue rings for a while???
Glad she is certainly is startling!
They all seem to do this, trying to figure out what's food and what's not! Fortunately they don't take big bites :) Hope Jess is OK and won't be scared away by the experience.

Thanks everyone! I'm happy to report she doesn't seem damaged by the encounter!! Infact last night she comes running in the bedroom with a giant snail she got on her own out of the feeder tank and started dangling it like nothing ever happened!!! :D She wants me to post the video so I will work on that today after work!!!

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