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Nov 20, 2002
I was cleaning up Ink's tank tonight, scrubbing walls, water change, etc., and she got a little freaked. and was balled up with all her suckers on the outside, as she couldnt' see what I was doing. She stayed in her cave and was touching very lightly the tools I was using but didn't grab them like she used to do. After I was done, she did come out and make the rounds, feeling everything. I moved some of the rocks but left her cave on it's side cause I think she feels secure when she reaches that spot. I had tried to give her a crab before I started cleaning because, I always would feed her in the past before I did anything with the tank, as that would keep her out of mischief. She was too freaked to take it from me, but She did find it when I was done.

The one shot, she had her arms out touching everything, just before she went to explore!

Thats good, Ink still looks okay apart from her colours being a little drab, Btw, where did the eyespots go? How long has it been since sesenence?
Hi Joel!

The eyespots are there they just don't change color any more. It was October 25th when I discovered her eggs, so Christmas will be 2 months.

Hi Carol,

I went back over your past posts and checked - you reported Ink's eggs on Oct. 10, not Oct 25 (the 25th is the date of the last posting in the thread). So it's been two months already!

Has anyone ever kept track how long an octopus lasts in a home aquarium after laying eggs?? Just curious!!! Maybe Ink can set her own record!!!
(Hopefully) :smile:

She is still very active. Hunting almost daily again!
I think that briareus was about 10 days or so, cant remember but it wasn't long
Hi Carol,

Some useful informaton from Octopets concerning bimac eggs:
Egg hatch time depends on water temp. the warmer the
faster. It takes approx 2.5 months at around 65 F and
1.5 months at 75 F.

So, if Ink's eggs had been fertile, I think they probably would have hatched by now,although you said her water temperature was cooler now.

Octopuses lay eggs only once, and after the eggs hatch, the mother dies within 15 months

Found this interesting bit,+octopus&hl=en&ie=UTF-8]here[/url] and thought I'd note it here. It's the longest period of time I've ever seen noted for how long senescence can last. Everywhere else I've seen has listed weeks not months and especially not over a year.

If you already know this please pardon me, but I'm really interested in Ink's progress.
The octopus described is a Giant Pacific Octopus, and they live much longer than a bimac - up to 5 years. Note that they say the mother doesn't eat, but it turns out she is eating a bit.

I don't have information at hand about how long it takes her eggs to hatch, but I'd assume a long while.

I went back through my pictures, and I noticed the size difference when I have included my fingers in the picture with Ink's legs! Several months ago her legs were 1/2 the size of my fingers. Check out the size now!!! She was listening or feeling me drum my fingers on the glass. Totally froze till I stopped!

The other shot you can see her eyespot now is either almost non existant, or black. She never gets that gorgeous blue anymore. She was out hunting, which she still does with a vengeance!!

Hi Carol,

So Ink is smaller than she was? Even so, she still looks OK. Does she prefer to stay purple?

It's amazing that she's lived so long after laying eggs, and that she still hunts. I'm glad for you and for all octo owners - good to see her doing so well.

I'll do another update on Ollie soon - she's followed a different path than Ink, but is also doing well.

it may be that she has been living off the reserves in her body and therefore her legs seem to have shrunk.
interested to see if the muscle atrophy gets better

good luck ink :smile:
This puzzles me - Ink has been eating all along - is she not eating enough, or not processing the food? I thought if she were eating, there would not be muscle atrophy.

At this time, I don't think Ollie has muscle atrophy - her arms are still substantial.

I don't know about senescent Octis but in many reproductively active squid any food eaten goes staight into reproductive material, not the so called somatic body parts (everything else!) and these lose condition (Just ask Kat about mature Moroteuthis!!


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