Ink Has Eggs!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I was messing with Ink tonight, trying to get her to eat. Up to this point, I thought, with all the shell hoarding she maybe preparing for eggs. She refused all food. Then as I was returning to the computer I saw her dart across the tank for another shell. Grabbed my camera and got the following shots! I am relieved she does have eggs, as it makes me feel good she was healthy enough to lay them, but the end result is sad. I really donot think they are fertile, but ya never know, right!

Anyway check out these pictures!!!

Hi Carol,

Thanks for posting these remarkable photos of Ink and her eggs!
(I guess it's OK to say "her" now, isn't it?)
At least now you know what she's been doing.
Quite a pile of shells she's assembled, too.
And it's sad, too, for you and all of us who have been following
Ink through your descriptions and photos.

The large egg species tend to lay small amounts of eggs where 50 or more is common, any idea on how many ink has Carol?
Hi everyone!

When I count in the initial picture, there could be 30. This morning, I see Ink was busy remodeling again. She managed to turn the cave on it's side. Was out again hauling shells. Looks to me like maybe the local shrimp have been stealing the eggs when she's out. She looks thinner to me. :frown: But what can ya do. My family and I have enjoyed her antics enormously over the past few months. And....she's still trying to squirt water at me!!!

Thanks John..

The eggs have been steadly disapearing. I think when Ink leaves them, the local shrimp steal them. Ink is still eating, but she's loosing pigment. She still has her stockpile of shells, she's constantly rearranging. Deffinately a change in attitude, but maybe I'll have her a little longer as she's still eating.

Hi Joel_ang

Couldnt see anything inside the eggs at all and last sighting was acouple days ago, there were only a few left on the wall of the cave. The shrimp were food for Ink and now are the cleanup crew. Can't see in the cave as she now has the spot where the eggs were totally covered up with shells.

Sorry to hear about Ink Carol

Although sounds like you have really enjoyed her and accepted the inevitable quite well. Hopefully she will be around for some extra time.

I am with you though as I have been mourning my budgie this week, but she lived till she was about 8 and spoke lots of words etc. Never mind, she had a good innings.

Out of intrest, especially as i cant remember from previous posts, but what species is Ink? Nice one.

Take it easy

Rich - Ink is a bimac, one of the original crew from Fish Supply :smile: . Sorry about your budgie. I have 5 of them and one talks! Happens to be one I rescued from a petshop that was taken away too young, so I handraised it.

Yea it stinks Ink will be going to that octo ocean in the sky, but I quess I've come to terms with their short lifespan. I totally have enjoyed my time with her. Sure have taken enough pictures to remember her with, (as everyone knows on this site :mrgreen:)!!!


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