Ink & Blue Lego!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Before I knew Ink had eggs, I had found a smaller blue lego and switched it with the green to see if it would entice her to play. Well, her stock pile of shells, has now increased to include the fake peices of coral and.......


That's Serpents' legs! The orange "thingy" :smile: is a clownfish clip for greens, leftover from when I had a yellow tang. She's been coming out more. Dragging anything and everything to her cave! Should put in some odd things and see if she takes them!

No :frown: :frown:

They go off feed when they are protecting eggs, whethor they are fertile or not. Years ago, I did have one that resumed feeding, but it is not normal.

Hi Nancy!

My first was about 20 years ago. I probably had about 5 back then over the span of maybe 2 years. The first and I think second, I killed immediately, cause I didn't know you had to drip them. They inked as soon as they hit the tank. Had a vulgaris that laid eggs, lasted about 6 months. I finally gave up cause I thought I was killing them! Might of been....

I still have the one I had for a year preserved in phermaldyhyde (?) in the closet. It was a Bimac. Back then, there was not much on their care. Didn't even know the necessity of a PS! My tank was a 20 high with an undergravel powered by a powerhead and that was it :shock: !

Heh, nice den, that's got to be the biggest Lego I've ever seen, sure it isn't one of those Mega Bloks for preschoolers? You know, your octo is a very good Feng Sui artist, move over Trading Spaces!

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