Incredible News! One of Jetta's Babies Made It!


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all!

I am overwhelmed - you remember that I took 6 of Jetta's babies (briareus) and put them in my 19 gallon tank. After about a week, I didn't see any of them and assumed they were all dead.

Well, today the impossible happened - a 4 month old briareus appeared on the live rock!!!

Now I know what happened to Mr. Crabs and why the amphipods have dwindled so much! Have to rethink things, will keep her in this tank for a while and then move her to my larger tank. I need to get some crabs pronto!!

She's been very reclusive, so I don't know when I'll get a pic, but will post as soon as I do.

More later,

It was Bill who actually first saw it. He had been cleaning algae off the tank wall, then went out of the room for a few minutes (this tank is in the kitchen right where we pass by all the time) and when he returned, the little briareus was sitting on a rock. It was red brown.

We are both still in shock! How could it have hidden for 4 months!! I look at that tank a lot every day, and the only sign I saw was the dwindling supply of amphipods, and then the disappearance of the crab. Also, something was throwing sand out from under a rock. Now it's all clear!

This changes things - will have to shift into octo mode quickly.

LOL at Octo Mode....

Seemed to be doing really well without realising it :smile:

Glad to see you with a ceph again :smile:
congrats to Nancy et (practising my French) Bill.
Of octo-keepery I know only of what I read on these hallowed pages but it appears you have found the holy grail of octo-husbandry :-
DO NOTHING ! :thumbsup:

I will observe this teaching in everything I attempt from now on.

Welcome to Nancy et Bill's kitchen offspring of Jetta !
Gotta go, this is too much after the tragedy that befell poor Rummler & I'm fillin' up again ! :biggrin2:
Regarding the pics, I'm talking with the camera store now to try and find a way to photograph a little nocturnal octopus, not using a flash and not lighting her up with room light (because she would hide). May have to stay up most of the night to get a good pic. She's becoming a little bolder, but she's still quite reclusive.

Funny to think of her watching us for 4 months while we stared into the aquarium, not knowing that she was there!

This is most awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too have had many things come up missing in the tank but was baffeled to why,, I have yet to see anything :? I stumbled onto a great deal at a garage sale, I got 125gal with stand, lights and all equip for $300. So i transfered the the tank, way cool, but most of my hermits and my arrowcrab, have been eaten by something :notworth: I really hope i have one of Jetta's babies.

OMG I cant believe you have one, Im so happy for you Nancy!!!!! Please keep us informed :rainbow:
Hi Debbie,

So happy to hear that you have signs of a possible octo. If one can make it in my small tank, which is only 19 gallons, it seems you might have an even better chance.

I just never imagined they could remain invisible for so long and gave up on one surviving a long time ago.

So, sneak in and have a peak in your tank after the lights are off, and use a flashlight with a red lens and see if you can spot anything! And leave out some food - it may disappear.

I'm really hopeful that you have one, too.

Will do lights just went off and im waiting :bugout: i have put in a pc of thawed shrimp to see if there is anything there( fingers Crossed)

Im just so happy for you that one of the babies made it for sure.. Date of Birth March 20, 2004!! Date eggs laid Feb. 14, 2004. This is so cool that we have all this info for sure :biggrin2: no guessing Im so excited :rainbow:
Hi Debbie,

Don't be disappointed if you don't see anything at first - these little briareus babies are VERY reclusive. Little Pod has taken to hiding again. I saw her at 2:00 am last night, sitting at the mouth of her den. But no little octopus all day today, or this evening.

Thanks for the 6 hatchlings, Debbie, and giving me this opportunity to be an octo mom again! I'm happy for Jetta, too, because she was a nice octopus.

I've written all the dates you gave me in my big book and am keeping an octo journal again.

Hope you spot one!


:!: :!: :!: WHOA, HOLD ON A MINUTE. :!: :!: :!: It seems like you're assuming only one lived. If one ocotpus can hide from you for four do you know there aren't others? :shock:

I know they're supposedly canabalistic, but maybe another one avoided a gruesome fate and is in there somewhere, plotting vengance for the twisted murder of it's brothers and sisters?! :goofysca: sick.

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