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im worried my octo is still in shipping!!!!!


Aug 21, 2004
its 82 degrees here right now and i hope he makes it

it left yesterday at 5:22 p.m and it just now left the town thats an hour away from me.

so that means that it will probably be dinner or after before he gets here

i hope the head doesnt kill both of them

last time i had an octo shipped , it arrived next day at like 10:30 a.m
Aren't you expecting three? Which one is this?

You're right, the heat is a problem, as is very cold weather. Hope it works out OK.

well its 82 degrees right now

last time i got a octo in it was december 25th and it was like 35 degrees outside

im so worried

i was really hoping to get it here by 10 30 cause it seems that after that time , it gets hotter and hotter up to 95 some days here

yes im expecting 3

2 from octopets and the briarus from ebay

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