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Im really confused


Jul 11, 2003
I went to my LFS today and they told me that all i need for an octo i a 20 gallon tank. will this work? Also, he said for the first fill up i can use tap water but when change the water i should use reverse osmosis ( i thought i was supposed to use RO initially). I told the guy that i was under the impression that octos needed a bigger tank and i needed to use RO water, and he got mad at me. He told me he knew what he was talking about and that he was a pro. So I guess im just asking if his anger is justified
Hi Rockthis,

Hang in there! You've just encountered an ignorant LFS employee who was rude in addition. This person is NOT a pro.

Unfortunately, far too many people in this field have strong opinions and know very little. This is especially true about keeping octopuses. I encountered some of the same from various LFSs.

Also, have a look at Girlfish's Thread, Water from my garden hose, June 28 in this forum
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You must have at least a 30 gallon tank for a bimac. Only a pygmy (dwarf) octopus could live in a 20 gallon. And you really need good filtered water, not tap water, for the initial fill and water changes.

Do you live in a city large enough to have more than one LFS? You might try another. At least find people who are willing to listen to you and who are experts in reef aquariums. You'll probably never find anyone who knows much about octos.

Thanks alot. i definetly wont be buying from him (although everything would be so easy if I did). I better just crack open a phone book and searh for a new LFS. Also, i read the post on that guy using a garden house to fill her tank, thats terrible. If it was in her contract to use RO water she could sue :wink: . Oh and i forgot to mention when i asked the guy what kind of octo it was he said that it was an atlantic octo so i said "yeah but what kind!" and he said "its very clever, it changes colors, we can put him in the water today" this really got me mad so im done with that place.
Thanks again for your help
Yep, that's the kind of ignorance that this site is helping to get rid off... It's only a few years since I was being told (and initially beleiving!) all the same rubbish...

as Nancy says.. hang in there
I was lucky enough to have a great science teacher in high school who had done some study work in the ceph field, so I managed to avoid the crap that is spread about octos in the pet trade. Even the lfs where I buy all my stuff is somewhat ignorant about octos, to the point of ridiculousness sometimes...all you can do is gently educate them. When you run into a "nutter" (term from kapoc) like the fish store guy you describe, the best thing to do is to run in the opposite direction...they have already made up their minds.
In defense of the lfs, octos are not a high priority or high cash sale item for them, so they don't bother to learn much about octos. They have to answer questions about everything from damsel to coral (which, lets face it, is where most of the $$ is) and have little time or patience for a client who peskers them with queries about a no-profit item...remember, they are in business to make money. I have actually had people register suprise when they find out I mark up my animals for sale...they thought I was selling them for the same price I paid!!!
That said, cruise to some different stores, but maybe give that one another try sometime...the arrogant guy might be gone!

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