im new look at me

Aug 15, 2005
well my name is will, you will prob be seeing alot of me soon, as i plan to start a cuttle tank. i have been i satlwater fish since i was 10 years old. i have had octos in the past one had a fight with my cat that didnt go well, the other laid her eggs and died. i was unsucessful with the eggs though. if any one has any pointers on cuttles, as i have not had them before, i would be happy to hear them.
Hi Will and welcome to! :welcome:

Why don't you try reading articles found on our Ceph Care Page (just click on the Ceph Care button above). You could start with "Before You Buy a Cuttlefish".

Hi Will,

I'm interested in how your cat got in a fight with an octopus??? :smile:
Hi Will,

And another welcome from me. You've come to the right place for cuttlefish care queries.

See you online,

:welcome: to TONMO Will!!

Do check out the article that Nancy has pointed out, below that article is another one called "cuttlefish basics" these two should help quite abit. Feel free to ask any of us if you have any questions, hope you have a great time here :smile:

Hi Will,

I'm interested in how your cat got in a fight with an octopus??? :smile:

Yeah, ditto that
well i was doin work on the octo tank and took off the hood. of course at this time the phone rang and it was granny so i had to talk to her. while i was on the phone, the car jumped up to the tank and stuck her head close to the water. the octo went strait to her b/c i hovered my hand above the tank whenever it was feeding time. so i walk into the room and the cat has the octo in its mouth with the octo legs flailing all over the cats face. i have to admit tho, the octo did damage one of the cats eye's, also a nice little vet bill
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