I'm in heaven!

Apr 3, 2003
I just discovered this site today and am SO HAPPY! :D I feel like I have found a little slice of joy on the web.

I thought I would introduce myself - my name is David Evans, and I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. I started diving about 2 years ago, and on my third dive I saw a Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus Dofleini) out and about - I was mesmerized and amazed. As I understand it, the Pacific Giant is the largest species of octo on the planet.... true or not, that encounter began a love affair with octopuses.

I am 37 years old, and view the biggest tragedy of my life as being that I didn't start diving until I was 35 (and that I didn't pursue a career in marine science!).

I am an amateur underwater photographer, and have some pretty good octo pictures on my website if any of you are interested, including some of a 10-month observation of an E. dofleini we named "Olive" on an egg nest. Olive died following a successful brooding last November - I cried when she died. :( Kinda ridiculous to get attached to a wild animal, but after visiting her 50+ times over a 10 month period, I guess some kind of attachment was going to happen. I can't think of a more dedicated mother than an octopus, however.

I am, at 37, going to go back to college this fall to begin work on a Marine Biology degree in the hope of switching careers. I blame the octopus for this behavior :)

If you would like to visit my website:


and my email is [email protected]

Looking forward to chatting with and learning from all of you!


p.s. Here's a picture of my new buddy, Hugo (because he's BIG)

Welcome David!

Whoa, that's a big picture you've got there! :)

I remember the story of Olive. Here's a link to the message that linked to the article about it:


I believe it has been established that the biggest species of octopus is the Haliphron atlanticus. Dr. O'Shea observed one last year at 61.0 kg (approx. 135 pounds).

Enjoy the site, we're glad to have you here!
Sorry Tonmo - shoulda resized the pic I guess, but Hugo is SO BIG it kinda doesn't do the guy justice otherwise :)

I had no idea that the story of Olive had made the rounds here.... she was something of a celebrity in Seattle diving circles last year.

Watching her lifecycle over the last 10 months of her life is without question the most gratifying and meaningful observation of nature I have ever had. I think it's not overstatement to say that it was life-altering for me.

Anyway - thanks for a great site Tonmo! Although I am not into aquaria, I am certain to be a regular! :)

it is addicting.... ive been visisting since sometime in early 2001, in several incarnations..... when i became temporaily immobilized, then the Colossal news from our upside down friends, i started checking every 1-3 hours while my computer was on.....
I am sooo glad to hear I am not the only one checking in several times a day!!!! :mrgreen:

That's a great picture! I would love to see more and then found your website post! I used to dive, but haven't been in for a number of years, but this August I plan on alot! My son and I are flying to the Keys for 6 days! Have to find my dive log!!!!!


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