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Im having some problems


Jul 11, 2003
One of the mollies that i put into my tank just died :cry: :cry: :cry: , I have no idea why. When I found it it was beinf pulled into my filter. Fortunately the other one is still alive, however i am reluctant to say this because it is barely alive (its really not looking good). Does anyone have any advice for me. I dont know what to do!
Maybe they were kept in freshwater before this and the sudden change in salinity might have stressed it. If this is the case do not worry too much about it.
over what period of time did you acclimatise them?

What is the temp etc?
I think i forgot to mention i lost my other mollie so i moved some of the rockwork and i found him. He is still alive, but if the other one dies i dont know if this one will last. Should i get some more fish??
I was lying in my room and my dad (has ABSOLUTLY no idea what he is doing when it comes to keeping a tank [he wanted to add fish the first day we filled the tank]) :roll: comes in with a bag of two mollies (one dalmation one black). He told me he went to the fish store and they gave him these fish for free to put in our tank (this is all after my first mollie died [i still cant find the second one]). Right now the two new mollies are still in there bag because i dont want to add them in. But i know i shouldnt really keep them in the bag for long.
Is it ok if i add them?
and how EXACTLY do i do it? I know i have to slowly add in water from my tank for 2 hours, but how much water do i add etc...

please help me. im in kinda a sticky situation.
i´pretty new to aquatics also, but i added first two fish last week. I took a dark bowl, put fresh seawater from my LFS into it, opened the bag with the fish at the top and let every 10 minutes a little bit more water into the bag. After half an hour the bag was floating in the bowl and filled with the LFS seawater. I removed the bag and let the fish undisturbed in the bowl. After another 60 minutes i tranfered the fish via brailer(?) into my tank. I tried to be very careful to not stress them too much.

It worked very well for me, the fish are alive and seem to enjoy their new home after the troublesome journey from the LFS to my place. :biggrin2:

I hope this helps,
p.s i ask that because of the circumstances that my tank is in right now (because i already added two fish yesterday and one died and i have no idea where the other one is)
FreshWaterTropicalFishkeeping.com: Mollies
That´s what i found about mollies :wink:
I guess you just have to try, they won´t probably live long in that plastic bag.
I´m sorry i can´t tell you more about it, i´m really a newbie myself. Maybe some expert posts in time to help you out.

Good Luck!

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Mollies are fine in either freshwater or saltwater. I have mollies in my saltwater tank, you just have to add water to the bag like you did and when it gets full take out a cup and add a cup of tank water. They should be fine. Mine are breeding in the saltwater so maybe you should check your water paramiters with a good test kit. This is a new tank so you shouldnt have much change in params yet. the tank has to go thru a cycle and it take about 30 days. Good luck and let us know
I just took the fish back (i didnt think i was ready to add any new fish). My other mollie is stll in my tank (i moved some of the substrate around and found him, but the moment he was open with no rock covering him he fled under another rock). So i guess im just gonna leave that mollie in there and see what happens. however i do have one other question.

What it be ok if i cycled with damsels instead? And if i did would i have to acclimate them the same way? or could i just float them in the tank for half an hour?

thanks in advanced
yes you would have to acclimate them to your tank water in the same way for the mollies, but it is much easier and they are already SW fish so damsels are great to cycle a tank and much hardier :biggrin2:
thats a reliefe thanks a bunch :notworth: .

One last thing (i think)
What if i dont find that mollie after a long time do i just assume its dead and leave it there?? Would i have to move all of the rockwork to try to find and/or remove it???
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