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im doing alout of tank planing,i need your thoughts.

Hi Scouse,

The featherduster is a tube worm, but it's not the only tube worm.

How big is this massive hermit? He might have been trying to clean algae off the tube rather than trying to eat the featherduster, but crabs can eat other invertebrates.

hey Nancy

he's about 7-8cm long he nailed Hercules a giant super turbo snail so he went in the sump then i decided well ok if thats what he's gunna do then fine put him back then cughthim biting a big chunk out the tube worm so he went in sump i thought oh come on an put him back an he tried to eat starsky my stumpy starfish so i thought thats it he's back in sump!!!

i feed him a defrosted whitebait or bit of tiger prawn each night.

heres a pic ofg him lookin rather sad prior to my refugium etc goin!!


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I've noticed that hermit crabs can be a bit destructive when they grow larger and thump about in their big shells.

I have one like that who had to be banned from my smaller tank because he had broken the gorgonian, run over small featherdusters, overturned shells and rocks. He even broke the tube of the large featherduster (or did he take a bite?).

He's probably not more than 3 cm, but his shell is huge and awkward (he killed a large snail for its shell, I think).

But there's something very appealing about crabs, despite all this!


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