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im doing alout of tank planing,i need your thoughts.


Jun 15, 2005
:welcome: i have been researching alout on wut would be the best thing to put in a 55 gallon,and at the same time make a great home for a bimac octo.
Heres wut i came up w/.
1.soft corals
2.feather dusters
3.lighting(need help on wut kind of lighting,cant decide wuts best as far as watts go)
4.would hard corals be bad?
5.live sand and rock
7.test kit
8.fluval 304
9. protien skimmer
10.salt water plants
11.270gphpower sweep power head
12.clean up crew(wut do u suggest? SNAILS ARE A PAIN)
14.x large and large resin rocks(for a den)
16.wut about a bubble wand,or disk,is more o2 needed?
18.shrimp,clam,crabs,or crayfish
19.octo comes later, when i get more experienced
no. 18 wont last long no matter what the size, corals could get moved out of place and hard corals could sting the octopus otherwise i dont see a problem, the brighter the lighting, the less you see of the octopus, have you kept marines before?
No hard coral. Yes, soft corals can be moved by your octo, but you'll just have to live with that.

Bubble wand OK until you get your octo, then remove it.

lol i dunno, just thought it might be good for somthing lol, good point Scouse.

Ben, i dont have very much experience, i must addmite, but thats my reason for keeping shrimp,or crabs for awhile, so that i get more experienced first, i cant consider a tank anyway, for atleast 9 months, or even a year from now, considering the fact that im going to be moving to a new house, and must asure that my sea life creatures have a permanet, and stable home.
nancy, are corals needed for a proper octo thank?
thanx all for the great advice!!!
you know whats kinda funny is that it was an articale in aquarium fish magazine that re-sparked my interest in keepen octos and in that article it recomends to add a few airstones to the tank. in fact at first i did have an airator on my tank til i read here that too many bubbbles can b fatale. ah live en lern (apearently not how to spell)
would brim shrimp be good for octo food, or will they get tierd of it?
has anyone kept brim shrimp, as a live food for octos?are they easy to keep alive untill feeding time?
Sorry Nini, Brine shrimp Artemia spp are NOT good food for octopus (except as a very last resort and ONLY if they are within 24hours of hatching and/or are enriched). There's very little nutrition in them.....kinda like us living on a diet of lettuce only!

Nini, I think all of your feeding questions can be answered by reading the papers by Nancy and Colin, and doing some searches on Tonmo...there has been a lot of debate about octo diets, but I do believe they have been hammered out for quite a while !

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