If you could own a ceph.


Sepia elegans
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Jan 6, 2005
Dancing between Vancouver and Auckland
OK, my question is...

If you could own any ceph, doesn't matter how big the tank would have to be, or the rate it would die at (or the amount of times it would try to kill you)

What Ceph would you own.

I personally would love to own a vampiroteuthis... they are sooooo cool. :vampyro:
Colossal Squid.

no....Vampire Squid....

no....Giant Pacific Octopus...

no....oh I give up! Too much of a tough choice. Hang on, it's got to be Cameroceras, an 11 foot Ordovician orthoconic shelled nautiloid. Now that would be something to look after!
What ceph would I own?

As my name implies so well, I would have to own a squid. No, not just any squid. I would take... Architeuthis! My previous posts make this pretty obvious.

The one and only,
My mistake Jean. It's thought Cameroceras actually grew up to 10 meters or 39 feet, depending on the source one reads. (Must look up before posting in future. Memory lapses increasingly common these days and all...)

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