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Blue Ring
Mar 10, 2005
So, it's never really bothered me much to see people eating or cooking show cooking with octopus, squid or cuttlefish - - until just last nite.

I was watching a show on FoodTVNetwork (in the US) called Iron Chef America and one of the chef's made a dish with cuttlefish and squid ink in it - and it really bothered me!

Considering I keep an octo and 2 other salt water reef aquariums and have gotten more interested in these creatures in the past year - I was surprisingly taken aback.

I am an avid gourmet cook and have never cooked much with fish and other seafood - only because I don't like it. And I definately am not nor ever was a sushi eater.

It's just funny to me now how I feel about it. Almost offended. But then again I have to think, there are some vegetarians out there who feel the same way about carnivorous ways of eating too. This is how they must feel right?

Any thoughts on this one? How does everyone else feel?

Just a passing thought.....
I think that most people dont mind eating cephs... But I would have to agree with on where u say it can offensive and upseting. I dont eat cephs mainly because it promotes the mass slaughter of the creatures.

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