I think I have the most expencive Octo here!!

Jul 15, 2005
Well after looseing my Power Thursday night due to Huricane Katrina I have spent way too much money trying to keep Pulpo alive.
$700 generator and about $5O every other day in gas.
Well the power is now back on tonight and she made it just fine.
With the temp in the room getting up to 96 durring the day I have to say that my Arctica Chiller worked like a champ keeping the tank a chilly 74.
I can't wait to sleep in some A/C

sorseress said:
Tell me about it! Two Siberian Huskies, 5 cats. Operations, radioiodine therapy, Chemo,.......My vets are really sorry to see us leave.

Yeah our vets could add a new clinic from the profits they get from our two pampered pooches.

Sound like you've had a rough time sorseress, what with chemo etc :sad: hope all is looking better with your pets now!

Unfortunately, we're down to 2 cats now.....But we managed to give all of them a lot more time than they would have had, and mostly good time, I think. One of our kitties is 20 and gets insulin 3 times a day, and food 6 times a day to keep him from going into insulin shock. Kind of keeps me tied down, but he's a sweet old boy and deserves all the care he can get.
I would be willing to bet that most of you would be very surprised to find how little profit most vet hospitals actually make. It costs me about $1400 a day just to open my doors, pay the staff, utilities, rent, etc. I run a one doctor hospital. To break even, I have to average over $140 of sales per hour (even in the slow times.) And then... those drug companies do charge for their products.

"Can anyone remember when the times were not hard and money not scarce?" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Oh please don't take offense! I didn't think anyone on this board was complaining about vet prices, I just needed to rant a little this morning. Sorseress and Jean and all, I meant no offense and respect you very much.

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