I NEED HELP ON OCTOPUS>.pleaseeeeeeeee


Oct 24, 2004
hello everyone,
my name is jenny whx.
i am a design student in Malaysia, multimedia university
currently i am dealing with an assignment..VERY VERY URGENTLY
my subject matter is cute OCTOPUS and i need to use it to design a product.
but there is a problem BIG problem
i need to get an octopus and shoot it photograph
but so sad i acn't get any octopus in market here, here doesn't produce octopus.
i need AN octopus, and take it photo from MANY angle
(at least front view, side view, left/right view, bottom view)
and those detail part of octopus.
i really really need it urgently.
anyone could help me? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE
please contact me by
email: [email protected]
yahoo messenger: j_whx
msn: [email protected]
else i will fail my subject....please
Hi Jenny,
Welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

I have three suggestions for you.

First, look at the postings with photos on this forum, Journals and Photos. Carol (corw314) has been posting excellent photos of G2 and there are many others.

Secondly, look at the Gallery (click on the button above).

And thirdly, go to Ceph Base, the Image Database, where you will find more than 500 octo photographs. They are listed by species - scroll down to "Octopus ....." at look at the photos by species.


Hope this helps,

thanks nancy.
er. the things is.
i need a pictures of SAME octopus.
i mean a single octopus with a lots if angle of picture..
erm....somehow it must be quite a big pictures because i need to printed it out on my studies (high resolution, or bigger in size)
so i want to know wether anyone here can help me on this..
that i really really will appreciate a lots alots.
which is...er:biggrin2:
help me to find an octopus, any species, just normal one.
then help me take a lots of different angle pictures on tat ONE octopus with digital camera..
and ..send me the pictures.
i know it is quite a troublesome stuff to do...
:frown: but i really no idea to how to do it in malaysia.
yeah i might get the octopus in soem underwater world or aquarium.
but the things is..i only have 3 days to execute the things..
i am kinda rushing with times becayse basically it isn't only photograph.
i have to draw a lots.
i am getting crazy on finding this octopus already.
so anyone who is ...free to help
or they have stocks on their pets octopus tat many many many pictures.
with higher resolution (because i need to print it out)
please pelase let me knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......
and Please heeeeeeeeelp...........
:bugout: :bugout: :bugout: :bugout: :bugout: :bugout: :bugout:
I've moved this topic from Journals & Photos to Marketplace, since this is a solicitation...

Good luck with your project -- no need to beg and plead, if someone can help you I'm sure they will! :smile:

Good luck,

It might help if you'd tell us how you're going to use these photos. Very few people have shots of their octo from the top, for instance.


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