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I got my briareus in today

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Aug 21, 2004
i bought him from a guy on ebay , that has sold them in the past

havent got a good look at him since he is still acllimating

i must admit , im nervous about keeping this octpoous , as im keeping this guy in a 55 , where in the past , I have kept them in my 240 , but i missed my fish , and restocked the 240 , but I had to have another octo

no picture yet , i dont wwnat to scare hi , its been about 3 hours , and he is still inside the jif peanut butter container that he was shipped in

he was shippin in this container with holes and the this containerw as in a bag as well

i hope he makes it , he wont come out of that contatiner he came in

where as my bimac when i got them in , they would hide, but they would still reach out fo rthings ect.
ok he has left the jar finally , he is now on the front glass just sitting there and swaying his arms in the water.

he wont eat any snails , or any crawdads i have offered,

of course its still the first day

im defeinatly going to have to get a bigger tank though

this guys head is alreayd a little larger than an egg
Sorry to hear that.

Could you elaborate how he was shipped...inside a peanut butter jar?? Did the shipper use pure oxygen in the bag? Sounds just a little bit sketchy.

so are you colin , i just cringe when i see your name on my posts , i rather you just stay away form them

he was shipped in a penaut jar wiht holes in the jar, and the jar was in a bag with about a 2 quarts or more of water
I wonder if the peanut butter jar had anything to do with his demise... The oil couldn't have been good for him. On the other hand, if they washed the jar with soap that wouldn't have been good for him either. I guess it doesn't really matter, the poor guy just didn't make it :sad:
Where did you buy the briareus, marinerules? I don't think anyone should buy from this source in the future.

This is the first time I've ever heard of shipping in a peanut butter jar - in fact, most shipping is done in plastic bags.

Sorry that the little briareus didn't make it.

Perhaps they thought the jar would prevent him from getting tentacles crushed in the corners of the bag? I know a lot of shippers double-bag with the corners 90 degrees apart to mitigate that.

Perhaps the octopus had one of those peanut allergies!

Hi Marinerules,

Colin is one of the moderators of this forum because of his extensive ceph-keeping experience. Many others who have offered you good advice during various stages of your ceph-keeping, then followed your posts in frustration as you ignored them and grew bored with your octopuses (and then bought another one!) now apparently decline to answer your posts or follow these threads, because it is too discouraging. As long as you continue to post news of your doings and to ask questions here, you cannot ask the forum moderator to 'stay away from your posts.' As you say, what you keep is ultimately your decision, but if you ask for advice and opinions from others who have successfully done what you are trying to do, and then disregard that advice, you cannot expect them to cheer you on, or even to just keep quiet, when you report that you are starting over with another octopus.
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