I am back / wanted: cuttlefish samples from the Mediterranean

Jul 22, 2004
Guten Morgen from Germany :biggrin2:

Yeah - I am back! :shock:
Hehe, I haven't been active here for a while (but was reading posts throughout the time, I swear), 'cos I was sort of busy with study, but now I (almost) graduated and hopefully will have more time to post soon ...

(My master's thesis was concerned with
(a) population structure of Sepia officinalis in its northern distribution range
(b) the haemocyanin gene of these cuttles
... just in case somebody wants to discuss these topics and doesn't know with whom to talk :talker: ... )

I also did some more cephalopod-related paintings during the last year, which I am planning to load into the gallery sometimes... Anyway...

At the moment I am urgently looking for some nice TONMOer who have access to cuttlefishes from the Mediterranean. We are VERY interested in studying their blood. So if someone can supply us some samples (we would cover all costs, of course) it would be really great... If you can help or know someone who does, please PM me... Thanks a lot!

K :sink:
Glad to hear that you are back ! Looking forward to seeing those images, too.


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