Hurricane Rita

Nov 22, 2004
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Well here at the NRCC we are preparing for the Hurricane due to the likelyhood of us getting a direct hit or a near miss. I'm the lucky (or unlucky) person that has to stay behind and stay in the lab until it is over. Unfortionatly we are right next to the water and only have a 8 foot seawall protecting us. However I'm sure we will manage.

Wish us luck. :smile:
Very brave of you to stay and protect all the cephs. At least you're not on the sea side of the hurricane.

I've heard of others staying as well - hope this one won't be as big as the 1900 storm.

If you want company and still have power, please continue posting from time to time.

Our thoughts are with you,

Take care of yourself down there, Marinebioguy! Here's praying the worst of it misses you!
Good luck! Prayers are with you and your ceph friends. I've been watching this morning and this storm is as massive if not more so than Katrina. I can't even imagine how everyone feels who were affected by Katrina.

fluffysquid said:
I packed my car with cat, computer, and just a few posessions and left my damn apartment on the seawall of Galveston. I dont know what's going to happen to it, I dont know what's going to happen to my school or the NRCC. I'll tell you one thing, some people around here are worried and I'm sitting here wondering how I can afford to move again should the worst happen.

I hope you and your cat are somewhere safe to wait this out, and I hope what you left behind makes it through intact!

(edit: reference to deleted post removed)
Many times, I've ignored political and religious rants finding improper homes in this forum. However, once and a while, these things go too far. I suppose some people are beyond the point of respectfully disagreeing with those whose beliefs are different.

I'm only here for the cephs.

... as to your wishes of safe place, I'm staying with family in Austin now. Today they reported the hurricane is shifting farther north and we now will not likely get hit by Cat 1 strength here (in austin) anymore.

Adam (Marine Bio Guy), i tried calling your cell just to check on you, but didnt get you. I guess you're probably pretty busy.

The offensive post and responses have been removed, and action has been taken. public forums are not to be used as a soapbox. We're here for cephs, and only in extenuating circumstances, current events here in the Octopus' Den.

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