Humboldt Squid Sculpture


Feb 1, 2006
Hi All,
I'm a sculptor who became obsessed with Squid several years ago. I started with a Giant Squid sculpture for Seattle's Pike Place Market. Since then I've been holed away in my basement focusing on the Humboldt squid and have just finished my first installation of 3.

My dream is to do a large installation of a school of Humboldt. Does anyone have advice on a venue that would be interested in such a thing?

You can see pictures at

Nice Diablo....easy now....

AMAZING! Keep up the good work. You really captured their stunned/aggressive/hunter eyes well.
Very impressive,
Those preserved Humboldts are an amazing effect. I would love to see them sometime! I love the gothic setting. I don't know if you can tell from my pictures, but my studio is in an 1890's gothic church.

The GS is sheet copper. The Humboldt's are a lot of different materials with copper coating.
cuttlegirl said:
Your Humboldts are soo cool. I like the way they are "swimming" in the space. How long did it take to restore your church/studio?


The church took about 4 years. It was on the brink of collapse when I started.
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