hullo all new to the place! nice to meet you!


Pygmy Octopus
Jun 19, 2003
hi i just came on as a member and i'm trying to figure out what kind of small octo or cuttle would be good for breaking into keeping cephs. :? :?:
welcome! A fellow "zonie" too!!! :biggrin2: Aquarium Arts over on baseline and dobson is your best bet for picking up a small bimac...Kingsley will whine and moan about it, but you will get a healthy animal at a good price! What size tank are you thinking about?
Actually i was thinking something smaller like a octopus filosus and a 20 to 30 gal. tank. not enough room for a lager tank unfortunately. :cry: any specifics on them would be great and do you think Kingsly would be able to get one?
First of all, :welcome: to TONMO
I personally find cuttles easier to keep( don't crawl out of tanks ). But since you Are living in the US(as Colin always says) the most commonly imported species are sepia bandensis which are shipped as 3 to 4 inch adults with perhaps only days or weeks to live :cry: . So I think an octo would be best. How big is the tank you are thinking of?
as stated above. hoping to eventually breed them once i have the space and expierience for numerous reseans least of all for profit which is not a good way to get into that sort of thing in my opinion.
Hey! I have found a line on some Sepia that would be available in a month or so...I will keep you posted as to $ and when...but you would need at least a 75 g.
A variety of species will be available...but I am holding out for the common cuttlefish...there is a line on some c.b. juvies coming into town...we shall see!

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