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How's this for a toy.


May 8, 2003
Hi everybody! I have some exciting news, and a question or two. I just finished building a lego dragon, (12+ years, HA! I did it in 5 beers!) and I was wondering if I should glue the pieces together, or let Henry, at his leisure, disassemble it? My second question is related to the first, what type of adhesive should I use, the acetate type, which fuses the two pieces together, or take a more siliconed approach, or epoxy.

The wealth of knowledge that I have available from you guys is phenominal! Thanks!

Felix, El Gato!

I also have a Lego castle that the dragon wil be attacking!
The octo might like being a little destructive so i woulnt glue it together, however, if you chose to glue it together, use silicone( make sure its aquarium safe, some of them contain ammonia or so ive heard).
The problem with some silicone sealant is that they add chemicals so that mildew (i.e. algae/fungus) won't grow on it around the edges of your tub or shower. But this is poisonous in an aquarium.

As long as you buy a tube marked "aquarium-safe" then you are fine.
Silicone sealants

These may not stick to lego (which is probably made from hydrocarbon plastic) very well.
You will also need to make sure that the acetic acid released on curing has gone, otherwise your pet is likely to get a face-full of strong vinegar, especially if the acid gets trapped between weakly bound blocks!
I agree with mike on this.. also think your dragon will end up in a right mess with silicone smears LOL

You can use superglue, its safe in marine tanks and often used to glue frags of corals onto rocks for example...

I think I'd let the octo rip it to pieces, much more fun :smile:
You all pegged it right on the head...silicone won't bond well to Legos plastic blocks, and if any is stuck in the depressions, and can't air-cure, it would be very,very toxic (even the aquarium safe stuff). A two part glue would work, but epoxy turns a ghastly white colour in salt water (your dragon would look leprotic!)
I would agree that just letting the octo have his fun would be your best bet...good photo op too!!! :biggrin2:

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