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How to make your very own pantyhose net

Aug 6, 2003
I've decided to give up my secret to the all powerful invention,

Step one: Buy a net.

Step two: Buy some pantyhose

Step three: Cut off a leg of the pantyhose and push it in to the net.

Step four: Tie the pantyhose so it fits the net snuggly and doesn't fall off

Step five: When your octo inks, stick the net in there and scoop up the ink. Wash pantyhose net thoroughly.

The pantyhose will catch most of the mucus so it doesn't harm your octo or keep you worrying if he/she will survive the inking. I've used it once and the water didn't get cloudy and I only did a five percent water change. It is also the cheapest piece of octo equipment that I know of, with nets going for less than two dollars.

Caution: Do not eat.
Step two: Buy some pantyhose

what denier???????

sorry in the dim dark past i worked in a hosiery section of a department store to pay my way through varsity, every now and then I have flashbacks!!!!

Seriously tho' great idea. We use nets lined with very fine (like bolting silk ) mesh for handling sick fish and they could be used to remove ink, but I like the pantyhose option way better. I suspect it's softer and waaaaaaaay cheaper! I'must mention it to our aquarist.......hmmmmm I forsee net building coming up!

I cant stand women in tights (pantyhose to you folks over the water). I think its as a result of my young memories of a woman up my road havin very hairy legs with the hairs pokin through the material!!!


Crackin idea thou, nice one.

Does your octo ink regular? I got the impression they only do it at the start when frightened and trying to get used to their surroundings, or when startled when sudden movements are done near then which lead to them being scared...?
It appears that there is some individual difference in octopuses inking. Ollie has inked only 3 times, and I've had him for 6 1/2 months. On the other hand, Carol reported that Hermin, her previous bimac, inked every week!

I have not been able to figure out how octopuses see and therefore what startles them. Shadows are certainly regarded as a menace as are sudden movements. I'm still watching this...more later.

I cant stand women in tights (pantyhose to you folks over the water). I think its as a result of my young memories of a woman up my road havin very hairy legs with the hairs pokin through the material!!!


Does your octo ink regular?

Not really, usually only when *&$#%$%@^ off!!! Which is just as well P. cordiformis is a big spp and can ink copiously, quite often it's a drain the tank job :frown: :x

BTW Scouse, whatsa Liverpool Lad (ess?) doing in London :?:

And THANKYOU Tony, for the appropriate icon! will now go drown myself in some :coffee: :biggrin2:
Have you ever looked at panthose mesh under a microscope?? That stuff is lethal!!!! It might look and feel soft but I think non-knotted nylon mesh (fish net ... and not of the pantyhose variety) would be a safer bet for removing your animals from a tank.

I'm not sure if I'd let panythose mesh anywhere near a live ceph, but it'll sure work a charm getting rid of the ink.
Plus, a proper net for aquatics only start at at a couple of ££s ($$s)...

I have used pillow cases (slip) on ocassion for lifting large naked catfish like red tail cats...

the best way for lifting cuttlefish without them inking is to use large poly bags and manouver them into it,, then lift them out. I found that the only thing that makes them ink is when they are lifted out and they ink as soon as they touch water again... i guess squid may be the same???

fancy trying it?
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