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How much is too much?


Jul 25, 2005
Hey everyone, my tank cycling is almost at completion. I seem to have everything in order, except for lighting and where to find my bimac(but that's a different problem) Anyway, I would really like to have some types of corals(none that would hurt my little guy of course) so I want to know how much light would be enough to help the coral but not stress my cephalopod friend into reclusion. I can get my hands on a cheap T5 set up, I'm deciding on one or two lamps. Do you guys think that will be too much or what? Thanks in advance.
just do your standart strip lights with vhos in them or do pcs. this way they are not too bright and you can keep mushrooms zoos leathers etc. this is what i do and i have not had any problems. the t5s will work too but you have to remember that 4 48" t5s produce more light than 2 250 watt metal halides so if your goint to do the t5s i would only do 2 tubes or stagger 4 24" tubes across your hood on 2 ballast (this way you can do your moonlighting effect:smile: )
You really don't need anything but ambient light for your octopus. The light you're using is really for the other things in the tank. I used a fluorescent strip light with my bimac.

My other tank (for invertebrates, mushrooms,etc.) has power compacts and it's much brighter.


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