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How much for eggs?

Gee...I wonder why he is asking...i'm sure just for future reference...NOT! You're getting back in aren't you!!! Yeah, yeah, YEAH! I'm so happy to have someone to share this experience with, and be on the same stages as me (depending on when you get yours, and when they hatch)!

*Clears throat* Of course...this is if you are asking for the reason I think you're asking...:wink:

Yup, and shipping is only like $24 or something. I am buying mine in June hopefully.
A wholesaler contacted me because they are getting eggs in all the time, and I wanted to check pricing before I started to think about selling them. I am friends with an LFS that ships stuff regularly so I will prolly sell them through them.
I already have a new group of bandensis that started hatching last week.
Glad to see you getting back in

I visited your blog the other day and felt the sadness so I'm really glad to see you get back in. Hmm, was thinking of cuttlefish next...

Sir Righty! The tanks are nearing the end of the cycling process, so I need to get in touch with you soon...yeeehaa!


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