How may a cuttlefish adapt to colder climates?


Aug 1, 2021
Cuttlefish are typically tropical shallow-water animals, but I'm wondering how a cuttlefish could adapt if it was forced into a colder deeper environment. I assume the first things to change would be a larger size and slower metabolism but what else could they do? Let me know if you have any interesting theories / speculations! :cuttle:
In addition to slower metabolism their lifespan may be increased by a month or so depending on the species. This can be done in a lab setting to increase longevity of certain species of octopus, sometimes by 3 months or so depending on how cold the water is.
Years ago, we (National Resource Center for Cephalopods) looked at this question in s couple cuttlefish species. As @pkilian said, their lifespan does increase, at least in lab conditions. It is difficult to know what effect that slower growth may have in the long-term regarding reproductive success... From what I remember of those studies, the cooler water did not produce larger cuttlefish though. For me, their ability to adapt to change in temperature shows how plastic their behavior/physiology is and suggests that they may be able to adapt to environmental changes through time. Of course, their ability to adapt is no match to the nautiloid lineage, haha! :nautilus:

Great questions @SquidySpecs

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