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How long


Mar 3, 2007
I've had Ozzie for nearly 2 weeks now and he is still in hiding.He has been out once in the evening.He obviously comes out at night and I can just about see him in his cave si I know hes ok But how much longer is he likely to hide for?
Ozzie could hide for a few days to weeks. Just resist the temptation to move rocks etc to look for him, it will just stress him out and make him hide more. Leave a live crab or two in the tank, but don't be too worried if he doesn't eat them, he could be getting amphipods from your live rock. He very likely is moving around at night. Use a red light (which he can't see) and you may get a glimpse!

Our Long Jenny Slither has finally come out after nearly a month of hiding in the rocks.

Took Biddle 3 weeks to get curious. He just started coming out when I tap on the tank. Patience! Can't beat an octopus that is allowed to come "out of his shell" all on his own as the trust that you build is amazing and rewarding in their interaction with you.
Thanks both of you....will just keep waiting.
I popped back downstairs last night 20 mins after lights out and he was just at the point of coming out of his cave so hes obviously lively enough at night.

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