how long till they hatch?

Feb 24, 2005
anyone tell me how much longer theyve got? laid about 2-3 weeks ago, small egg species... here are the new pics


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Can you see the yolk sac between the tentacles? It should be getting smaller as they absorb it. As far as when, I think it is somewhat temperature dependent (as well as species...) so it will be an educated guess, but they are looking close to hatching to my uneducated eye...
It looks like you have about 1-2 weeks left. I maximized the pick and I can see the small octopus in there. what are you doing for food? are you still using the stuff you were before? finger crossed,

yeah... still putting in the reef bugs as the directions state... also when i was in charleston last weekend i got a bunch of hair algea that grows on the bottom of our floating dock that is pack with thousands of copopods etc... between that and the stuff thats in the reef bugs that they eat ive already seen a drastic increase in my pod population... ive also set up a small 3 gallon tank with 1 little peice of the algea in it that contained about a dozen copopods in it and a few other small species... over the last three days it has gone from that dozen or so to about 3 dozen... im guessing that the reef bugs that i also put in have hatched or the pods are reproducing faster due to the abundance of food provided by reefbugs...
Egors eggs took about 5 weeks or more but he was a larger egg species. I remember waiting for what seemed forever as they matured and looked ready there was another 2 weeks to go. Great pics!
Yes, it's difficult.

You can read some of the past posts for details.
Raising octos from small eggs is more difficult than those from large eggs, like the bimac.

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