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How does this setup sound

May 5, 2003
75gal tank with marineland skimmer and tidepool sump. Euroreef skimmer and 300watt visi therm heater. I have an RO system and would have 1 inch of sand and 48lbs of live rock. I think that would be a great setup for a bimac, but what do the experts say?
Sounds like a bimac would do well this setup. It would have plenty of room in a 75 gallon, an inch of sand is just about right. Some people would use 75 pounds of liverock for a 75 gallon tank, but you do want plenty of room for you bimac to wander about and later, to jet about.

You probably won't need a heater unless you keep your house quite cold. The problem with bimacs is usually that the water is too warm, not too cold.

Am I reading this right- you have two skimmers (I'm not familiar with some of these brands)?

The marine land skimmer is what they call an overflow skimmer. You hang it on the back of the tank like you would an outside power filter like a millinum or emperor. The diffrence it that this is just the intake for the sump as I do not have a reef ready tank. It is a neat idea for those of us who want a sump, but cant spend over a grand on a reef ready tank.
A few more questions.

I am thinking of using a Marineland berlin protien skimmer or a Sea Clone 150 in stead of the euroreef. Do you think that will work out?

When I get my CB oucto it will only be about an inch. Should I keep it in a smaller tank at first untill it grows some?

Also, I saw some starfish in at bimac tank at the Scripps Aquarium in california. What species of starfish would be good in this set up?

Also the tank is running at about 62 all the time is that good?
I've heard some reef people say they don't think the Sea Clones are as effective as other protein skimmers. I've also heard they're noisy. I don't have any experience with them, however.

I just bought the Marineland SOS overflow, and boy do I like it. It has an adjustable siphon on the drain, and it really IS silent. I was in the process of making a DIY overflow, but I found out yesterday that a local pet shop was having a clearance sale--live rock $3.50/lb and live sand $1/lb. The sale ended that day so I essentially had to buy an overflow or let it go. Bought it for $89 and I still saved about $100 by getting the live rock even with the materials I had already put toward my DIY overflow.

There is one problem with the overflow, however: the u-tube is plastic and was manufactured in two parts then glued together. Mine came out of the box with a slight air-leak on the seam. Its a very slow leak, but I put a bead of aquarium silicon along the seam to be sure it never loses its prime.

Thanks, I am still waiting for my pump to arrive. I paid an extra $40 for the larger size sump that does 300-600gph instead of 300-500gph. Then all I could find were 500gph pumps. I ended up ordering a RIO that does 642gph.
Poisonfrog, as to your earlier question about keeping your little 1 inch octo in a smaller tank - right now dbbga is doing that with her baby bimac. She's keeping it in a smaller container within the big tank. Carol has also kept small bimacs this way. You can read about it under Journals and Photos.

You will love the Rio...great pump...have had several of those running nonstop for over 5 years, and not a whisper of complaint!
I would probably keep the octo in a smaller tank at the moment...and as far as starfish go, serpents are my favourite...great little cleaners, and the octos like to play with them now and again.
Today in the news:
Multi-armed race against captivity?

Yesterday, a bimac and his acomplice, a starfish has escaped from the Max security prison in cthulhu77's house. They have so far eluded capture. The bimac is 1 inch tall is a master of diguise, on the other hand, the starfish's info is unknown. Reports say that the bimac is armed with suction cups and a ink sac. Anyone who has seem anyone octo that is supsicous should contact the local Shrimp Defense League. Do not approach them as they are extremly dangarous.

:shock: :lol: :biggrin2:

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