Hot Wheels Octo Blast!

I'm just amused that I can reply to your note nearly two years later...

Since no one else seems to want to respond, let me be the first to say, "hey, that's cool!" :mrgreen:
would be a bit cooler if it shot ink at you.... which would simultaneously annoy parents and thereby entertain kids.....
LOL! I think that its gonna make kids think that cephs are hideous car destroying monsters. I mean its gonna promote violence against tentacled creatures! I mean doesnt it explode or somthin cuz like in all those toy car race tracks u always have to destroy the evil cyborg before it does u in! And then the kids on the commercials always say somthing cheesy like Yeah we did it! That ghost is toast! "Playset comes with cars and parts shown here." Sheesh I mean like since when do people go around in their cars blowing giant mutants heads of? Mumble mumble mumble.....

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