Jul 1, 2003
Hi there. Another newbie, this time from Australia.

I discovered Tonmo yesterday whilst trying to get more info on the Chillean mystery blob. So often, mainstream media give initial coverage of intriguing ceph stories, but never bother with follow-ups. So I'm really glad to find a place where I'll be sure to find whatever info is going. :notworth:

I've been fascinated with cephs ever since I saw my first cuttlefish in the wild while I was doing my scuba open water certificate. No idea what species unfortunately. The colour changes as the cuttle swam over different terrains were so incredibly immediate: sand, weed, rock, sand, bang, bang bang. Beyond anything I had thought possible. I followed this individual for a little while, but when I turned to rejoin my dive group there were 20 of his mates hovering behind me. For all the world it looked like they were following me to make sure I wasn't going to hassle their little buddy.

Anyhoo, thanks so much for the site. I'm so looking forward to feeding my obsession on all the material here. I'd particularly love to hear from anyone on the east coast of Australia with tanks.
Welcome! Yes, we're open 24 hours, and we're glad you're here! :smile:

May I be the first to say, "nice avatar". :biggrin2:
Welcome to TONMO! Be sure to read the ongoing thread about the dead whale and mystery blob...interesting. Look forward to having you join our discussions!