hiya fellow cephalomaniacs!

Jul 3, 2003
I just found this wonderfully awesome website and absolutely had to join up!

I'm a marine biology student at Texas A&M at Galveston, but originally from Austin, Tx.

I have great interest in marine biology, especially when it comes to cephalopods and hope to work with them in the future, especially octopus.

For now, I must put off keeping any cephalopods of my own in an aquarium because I am a poor student and they would be subjected to too much stress as I would have to move their home during the summer and leave them in the care of someone else all the time during the school year since i'm often out of town with the school's sailing team.

But that just gives me more time to learn more before I can actually aquire my own. For now I do not even have a saltwater tank. I have two freshwater aquaria. One a 29 gallon containing three adult angelfish, many snails, and a few fish who should be eating them. The other is a 10 gallon containing different kinds of gouramis along with ghost shrimp. Both of these will travel back with me to school.

anyway, i just wanted to introduce myself and say hi, i'm new here.

It's great to have another marine biology student in the community! Make yourself at home and enjoy all the reading that is here for you... should keep you busy! :smile:
Well, if you want to be involved with cephs you are certainly living in the right place... galveston is home of the NRCC!

Welcome to TONMO.com

Welcome to Tonmo!
I love that part of Texas...spend a lot of time searching for elusive reptiles in that area!
when i went to visit Nancy last year I got to spend three days in Galveston and loved it! Got to rake about on another countrie's beach looking for unusual shells and the like!!!! :smile:
Thanks for the great welcome! I only just made this post! Galveston is an interesting place to go to school. their only varisty sport there is, of course, sailing. Which is great because on rare occaisions dolphins join us for our practices. It's also great because you can have 100 gallons or more of aquarium in your dorm room and no one thinks it's very unusual.
and then, Colin receives a mysterious brown paper package from Galveston...hmmm. :lol:
My personal favorites are White-lipped tree vipers ( I know, all of you in Florida are groaning right now because they are common)... I was lucky enough to work with them for several years at the zoo, and raised many juveniles, which are neat as get-out! Bright green with little red tails...I'll have to dig and see if I still have any pics...
That and copperheads. Neat stuff. You also have the blue spotted racers nearby...those are fun.
Would appreciate a 'little brown parcel' full of herps :smile:

it was a copperhead that me and nancy seen when we were looking for animals further up the beach.. nice snake. Also went on a night walk nearer to Dallas and had great fun catching bullfrogs and stuff... eventually managed to get myself some bullfrog tadpoles this year and recently added some Gambusia to my tank... just some reminders of the US :smile:
If you come out this way again, let me know...you would probably love spadefoot toads if you like frogs! Neat little critters! I hope that trade restrictions become simplified over the next few years...I would really like some common cuttles!!!!! :o

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