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Hitchiking Octo (Was: Hello from colorado.)


May 27, 2004
Just found a baby octopus hitchiking on a piece of TB liverock and a friend recommended this site. I don't know what to do with the hitchiker, but I'd like to keep it, I just don't know where to put it right now if anyone can help.
welcome to Tonmo ! I am sure Nancy or Carol will be able to help you out...good luck!
Hi, welcome to TONMO.com!

We just discussed this very situation a few days ago - look at the thread listed below. The person who found the baby octo did not have a tank set up, so he ended up passing the baby to someone who was better equipped to take care of it.


How big is the baby - tiny, the size of a pea? You need to keep it in a smaller container so you can feed it frequently. Try mysid shrimp or amphipods.

Perhaps you could keep it in a smaller container floating in a larger tank, or just in the larger tank (like a critter cage).

Under Ceph Care, Journals and Photos forum, you'll find some threads on Imahogg, a baby briareus. You can read there how it's being raised.

We welcome your future questions over in Ceph Care! Good luck!

Hi, and thanks for the expert advice...right now the octo is in a small critter box over my sump. I am trying to rig up a tank for it that will feed directly into my sump. I have been doing alot of water changes and I have witnessed the octo eating 3 times, maybe more because I put some snails and small clams in there. Unfortunately I just moved my tank 2 weeks ago, decimating my pod population because I replaced the substrate in my fuge as well as my main tank. I have found a pod here and there to feed it. I have witnessed it going after and eating a few brine shrimp. Today I dropped a sliver of krill with him. We'll see what happens next.
Hi and welcome!!

One of my babies, was so tiny on arrival, I hooked up a pethome in the main tank with a small bubble filter, hanging on the side. Lil Pumpkin did very well on tiny hermitcrabs, frozen prawn etc.