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Hitchhiker Octo Update!!

Oct 28, 2004
After more than a month of trying, I finally caught him with the camera!! He's still quite small, that's a fairly large snail in the picture. Any ID help would be much appreciated. He only comes out at night and HATES flahshlites :( I posted a thread a while back when I realized I had this cool little hitchiker. He came along with with some LR from Tampa Bay Saltwater. This little guy is eating hermit crabs like popcorn. One of my clown fish has suction cup marks on him. A few nights ago he tore one of my attached clams off the LR, crushed the shell and ate it!! The clam was about 3 times his size!!!! I would love to keep him but the damage he's doing now is amazing. I can't imagine what he'll be like when he gets bigger. The owner of my local fish store offered him a nice BIG home. I'm going to transfer him in a few days. I want to thank you all for your help. He's doing very well and seems to be quite healthy but I need a cleaning crew in my tank!!

Nice pic of a nice octo ! Yeah, that's why we always tell people that an octopus tank is really just an octo tank, not a reef...those little buggers could care less about what you think is neat and pretty, they just rearrange everything, and if they can't move it, chances are that they eat it!!! :D
Cute little guy!

In the last month we've learned that lots of people buying TBS live rock are finding hitchhiker octopuses!

It's a good idea to have your LFS take him - he needs his own tank. Tell them to avoid feeder fish - they can feed him hermits, shrimp, thawed frozen shrimp or krill, fiddlers other small crabs, snails, and so forth. Avoid anything that might have been treated with copper - the tank or anything he eats.

Nancy said:
Do you have visiting rights? :)



I'd have to visit the LFS in the weeee hours of the moring to actually see him. He will have a good home with exprienced care. I considered setting up a tank to house him but by the time I get everything I need for it, he would probably destroy my 36 gal tank!! He was out again last night, it's nice to finally get a look at him, even if I have to get up at 3am!!! Tonight I set the coke bottle/hermit crab octo trap!!! With any luck he'll be in his new residence tomorrow.

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