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Hiding all the time


Aug 4, 2005
My new octo has been in his 55 for one week. I never see him. The tank is full of rocks and caves. Plenty of live food. Its a cyaneas. Im hoping he is just being shy for th e first week. Is this normal ?
It isn't unusual for an octo to hide out until he/she feels secure...how are your water parameters?
Make sure not to bother the tank too much either...let the critter get to know you gently.
Keep us posted,
Also, your octopus is very young (you said the mantle was 1.5 inches), and the little ones tend to hide a lot. So him disappearing is quite normal. As he grows and becomes more confident, he'll come out more. In fact, he's probably hiding somewhere watching you. I feel that it's important to spend time in front of the tank, just to let him become familiar with you.

Plus if he's well fed with tank inhabitats, you may not see him until they are gone and he has to come out and hunt! Please don't go looking for him though by moving the rocks and stuff as this just frightens them!

Thank you All for your valid responses. Dually noted. YEs he is just a baby. When i first put him in the tank he seemed very active running around and changing colors. Now i undertand that it was a dispaly of panic and not boldness. I have a feeling he is right under my nose staring at me Like Nancy said. I am not 100% sure he is a Cyaneas. TRhe only thing i have to go on is that I found him in a tidepool In Hawaii and from my reading there are only 2 species in HAwaii. Is this true? Only 2 species of octopodes? One day perhaps I will be able to get a photo for help with ID.
They need to eat at least once daily if not more and since you have lots of food living in there with him, he should be doing just fine.
I know how you feel. Groove Machine was v active for the first week, but has now taken to hiding in his den, and barricading with empty shells. But, he is eating, and moving shells and rocks around, and comes too peer at me most evenings. I've taken everything else out of the tank that could have been upsetting him, and am hoping he will get more sociable. He is a Cyanea too.

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